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Terms and Conditions 



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1.         A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey uses its best endeavours to ascertain an Internet Service Provider of good repute.


2.          A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey not liable for any technical problems attributable to the Internet Service Provider, the World Wide Web or other technically related provider of services which results in non function of site or malfunction of email addresses provided. 


3.         The customer undertakes to secure copyright and other appropriate licences or consents where necessary for the inclusion of any material, data and information provided to A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey pursuant hereto to enable A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey to incorporate such material, data and information into the Website.


4.         A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey will use its best endeavours to ensure that the websites, as designed and published by A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey, will be listed by free Search Engines on the World Wide Web.  However whether or not the Website appears or in what order it appears in Search Listings by these Search Engines is beyond our control and not our responsibility. 


5.         The content of Websites is subject to our judgement and we reserve the right to refuse items for inclusion on the customerís Website content which we consider may be inappropriate, distasteful or in contravention of the law.


6.         The customer agrees not to assign or sell the Website to another party without our consent, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.


7.         The customer agrees never to attempt to use its email addresses published on the Website for illegal purposes particularly as regards minors and is totally legally responsible for the content of electronic communications (emails) it forwards.


8.         A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey is not responsible for other party registering similar domain names to the website domain name as The customer and using these for a similar purpose.


9.         The Website is designed for best viewing by Internet Explorer.


10.      Should a complete make-over of pages or the total Website be required the time scale and cost will be a matter of discussion between the two parties.


11.      A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey will ensure that the Internet Service Provider is paid promptly in order that there is no interruption to the customerís service unless The customer is in arrears of payment to the Website Provider in which case The customer runs the risk of an interruption to its email service and removal of its Website by the Internet Service Provider should payment have gone past the due date.


12.      A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey will respect the confidentiality of the customer as regards the customerís methods of doing business or methods of promotion of its business and email communications.


13.      A & A Agency Ltd t/a Web Design Jersey will not publish any content to the customerís website which is against the customerís wishes unless this is a legal requirement of general website production.


14.      Accounts from A & A Agency Ltd t/a as Web Design Jersey to customers are payable within thirty days of receipt of invoice


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